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Making beautiful Puffy ribbon Bows - Step-by-step

puffy ribbon blue


Adding that extra touch with a satin ribbon bow, personalized gift wrap, or a specially selected and crafted card.  I want to show you how easy it is to make your gifts stand out from the rest, and be remembered, not just for the thoughtful gift inside, but also for the way it was presented!

Making a Puffy Bow is easy, follow these simple steps:

follow these steps to the perfect puffy ribbon bow (organza ribbon works best)

What you need is scissors, a string of organza ribbon at least 3mm wide, and 3 meters of glitter organza ribbon, or wire edged ribbon, they work best.You can, however also use normal organza ribbon, or Polly ribbon for these bows, but the effect is just not the same!

Let's get stared:

1.  Roll at least 3 meters of ribbon from the roll, and cut. 2.  Wrap the wide wire edged organza ribbon around your hand
puffy ribbon bow step 7
3.  Roll the ribbon tighter if you want a small bow, and loosely around your spread fingers for a larger bow. 4.  When done carefully remove the rolled up ribbon from your hand and press the two sides together.
5. With the scissor carefully cut off the corner triangle of the ribbon in small cutting movements. 6. Now also cut the remaining three corners of the ribbon.
7.When done your ribbon should have all four corners cut. 8.  Take the ribbon and open up the sides.  Fold it so the cut corners are now in the middle, facing each other like an hourglass
9.Take the narrow piece of ribbon and tightly tie it around the narrowest part of the ribbon. 10.Make sure the small ribbon is tied really tight, otherwise the bow will fall apart!
11.Starting on the one side, from the inside start pulling out loops of the bound ribbon. 12.Pull each loop in the opposite direction, pull one loop forward, and the next backward.
13. When all the loops are done on the one side, start with the other side. 14.  Continue until all the loops have been pulled out of the pack.
15.  Puff the ribbon loops with your finger, and viola!  A beautiful puffy ribbon bow.
box with glitter puffy ribbon bow

Decorate your gift box with the ribbon and tie it around the base and lid.  You could also attach it only to the lid with glue, for a more lasting effect.

This Puffy ribbon bow tutorial is brought to you by Packaging Source, because gift packaging is personal.  Feel free to link to our tutorial, but Please retain this footer if you do!

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