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Gift Wrapping Workshops available again in 2017 - 8 July  Book Your space now!

Yes, it's winter time again!

creative gift wrapping workshop


Attending Creative Gift Wrapping Workshops is so much fun!

After hosting our creative gift-wrapping classes in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (and having already being bombarded with requests :) - we will continue on with the tradition, but this year we are adding an ADVANCED class to our repertoire! (The Advanced classes are for those of you who already mastered our beginner classes).
Our workshops are split into morning sessions for beginners, and afternoon sessions for advanced classes.


We have made some changes to the curriculum of both courses and will stick strictly to the listed items :)

Both Beginner and Advanced workshops will be held at the Packaging Source Training venue at our showroom.  Follow this link for directions


Beginners Workshops

Workshop costs are R 560.00 per person incl. VAT for beginners workshops (mornings from 8:00 to 11:50).

Please make sure you had breakfast, because we will only be serving tea and biscuits just before the course ends. Ice water and mints will be available throughout the day.
You will receive a gift wrapping starter kit, and complementary stationery for taking notes as well as all items required for use during the workshop.
Free parking with 24 hour surveillance is available for your peace of mind :)

What Can you expect from all our workshops?

Our Morning sessions start 8:00 SHARP 

puffy ribbon blue

You will be entertained, instructed and taught how to:

  • Create the ever popular puffy ribbon bow and;

  • The beautiful organza ribbon rose.
  • We will do a tissue paper (gift tissue) project

  • We will teach you the correct way of wrapping a gift in paper;

  •  and then we will personalize a gift for a female recipient in interesting ways that will make you want to go and wrap some more at home!


Please click on one of our booking links for your beginner workshop in Pretoria (Friday Morning Workshops):

Register for the  - BEGINNER WORKSHOP (MORNING) in Pretoria



Advanced Workshops - NOT APPLICABLE 2017

Workshop costs are R 650.00 per person incl. VAT for advanced workshops (afternoons from 12:15 to 16:00).
On arrival you will be greeted with a light snack buffet  including tea, coffee or juice
Ice water and mints will be available throughout the day.
You will also receive a gift wrapping kit, and complementary stationery for taking notes. All items required for use during the workshop will be provided.
Free parking with 24 hour surveillance is available for your peace of mind :)

 Gift Wrapping Workshop

What Can you expect from this workshop?

Our Afternoon sessions start 12:00 SHARP

By now you know you will enjoy the class and instructions, but we will learn some very interesting new techniques!

A new way to personalize a gift by using ribbon and creative designs without a bow!  new ribbon tying techniques, to add more pizzazz to you average bows,
In a tight spot, and don't have any (small) boxes?

No problem let us teach you to conjure them up from a sheet of cardboard - this also include other folding techniques.

and finally we learn some great Japanese pleated gift wrapping designs, bowl your friends over with your unique gift-wrapping capacity!  






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