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gift boxes,

  • Our gift packaging range includes: Gift boxes, Gift Carry Bags, Gift-Wrap and Tissue Paper;

    flip-top-branding-gift-boxPackaging source stock a wide variety of other gift packaging products such as cellophane rolls, double sided sticky tape, dinky dots and we brand or custom print on most of the gift packaging items we manufacture.

    We handle gift wrapping projects for large corporations, and offer custom branded gift packaging to enhance any gift giving campaign. The Packaging Source is a manufacturing company located in Pretoria but deliver to Johannesburg and supply via courier and postal services to rest of South Africa and into Africa.Contact us for a Gift Packaging Quote Request or for a packing,wrapping and finishing service for your corporate gifts.

    Our company is proud to be an Eco friendly gift packaging manufacturer.

      We are able to meet all our clients needs quickly and professionally.  Our clients include large corporate clients and media companies, but also small startup companies. 



    standard stock gift boxes

    We have a great standard gift box size range that we manufacture for orders as small as 30 gift box units, but for larger orders (200 units or more) we can make your gift boxes exactly to specification if required - customized and branded gift boxes  including oval shaped, round and heart shaped gift boxes.We frequently partner with large corporate media houses and marketing departments to assist in bringing their client presented branded gift packaging ideas into creation.

    Custom Branded Gift Boxes that we manufacture include wine and liquor gift boxes as well as wine tube boxes (with plastic plugs on either side), gift hamper boxes, wedding favor boxes, document and presentation boxes. For branding we are able to add foiling and screen-printed designs.  Custom Manufactured boxes usually takes from 15 working days to manufacture.  The the more complicated the box, and the higher the quantity, the longer it takes, please speak to your sales consultant about your lead time for your event.

     Pricing vary according to size and quantities. 

    Visit our gift box pages for more info.



    aids awareness ribbons

    We carry stock of White (16 days of activism), Red (HIV and Aids) and light pink(Breast Cancer) awareness ribbons throughout the year, and also make on order branded awareness ribbons for various causes. At the moment we also have limited stock of the Autism awareness ribbon (Puzzle). Standard color awareness ribbons sell in packs of 100 units per pack.

    Please visit our Awareness ribbons partner 
    or get a quote on branded awareness ribbons (minimum order qty for branded is 1500 units).


    GIFT BAGS (Rope handle bags)

    glossy gift bags 

    We carry a range of plain rope handle gift bags in sizes A5, A4 and A3 in a mat or glossy finish. Our mat range include the very popular landscape shaped bag and our glossy gift bags is available in a wide variety of plain solid colors.  We have also now added the Satin finish bags to our extensive range of gift bag colors.



    Visit our gift bags pages for more info. 


    Joy hope love gift wrapped in gold

    Plain colors, metallic colors and popular gift wrap prints like dots and stripes, swirls, pinstripes and other prints are available in stock gift-wrap rolls.We sell these prints in rolls of 100 meters.


    Need branded gift-wrap or tissue paper?

    We are able to brand on gift-wrap and tissue paper in up to 4 solid spot colors, with step and repeat logos or designs printed with the Flexographic printing process. Minimum orders of 10 rolls of 100 meters per roll apply. We do also have metallic print options available on our branded gift-wrap and gift tissue paper. Branded Gift-Wrap and Tissue. 

    Visit our gift-wrap and gift tissue paper pages for more info.


    clear cellophane roll

    In stock we have clear cellophane rolls in 100 meter rolls. Our cellophane rolls are very popular due to the fact that the sheet is 1 meter wide, folded in half, and then rolled onto a roll of 100 meters.


    Visit our Cellophane Pages for more information.

  • Corporate Gift Ideas - Impression is everyting

    Gift packaging and marketing Great gift packaging site with custom manufacture of gift boxes, company located in Pretoria but deliver to Johannesburg and rest of south africa

    Whether you've been charged with finding the items your company will give away during the holiday season or you need to locate just the right gift for a special client, corporate gift brandingmake no mistake, the job is a big one.  Having to source gifts appropriate for a number of different people, all of different faiths or beliefs, the prospect can be even more daunting.  Finding the right corporate gift is bigger than making a gesture, it needs to be classy and leave just the right impression on those who receive it.

    With the gravity of what giving a corporate gift can mean for your company, it's a good idea to consider your client base before rushing out and buying the first gift baskets that strike your fancy.   If there is a great deal of diversity involved, you may want to first set a spending limit per client and then choose individually within that range.  At the very least, select a few different standards gifts and send the one that is appropriate for each different client.  A Christmas gift box might not be appreciated by your Jewish clients and non-drinkers may frown on a wine selection.  

    Once the correct approach has been set, it's time to start looking at the corporate gifts.

    There are a number of great gift ideas available and many provide the option of branded gift packaging, including having your company logo foiled or printed on the gift box, and wrapping paper, or at the very least on the gift itself.  Whenever possible, it's a good idea to go this route otherwise the impression left could be too self-promoting for instance, no one really wants to wear a T-shirt with your company name on it, but they might appreciate a chocolate box with your logo on the top.
    Keeping in mind these ideas may not be good for every client, here are some different ideas on what can be sent to say "thank you for your business":

    * Flowers
    This is a timeless classic that really helps brighten up a client's office, but remember the impression will be a short one. Flowers don't last forever. These are appropriate, however, if you know the client has a particular passion for a certain kind of flower.

    * Chocolates
    Chocolate boxes and chocolate gift baskets from gourmet makers work well for just about any client. Although the chocolates inside may be eaten up quickly, specialty gift boxes with logo name plates can have some serious staying power.

    * Fruit, cheese or preserve baskets
    These also are appropriate for just about everyone. The staying power isn't always that great though.

    * Wines
    These can be great selections for clients you know well enough to know they'll appreciate it. Since not everyone drinks and not everyone appreciates wine, it's a good idea to reserve alcoholic gifts for those you know will enjoy them, or substitute the gift with a non alcoholic version for those who would prefer it.

    * Gift cards
    Whether for a night out at a rugby match or some for of show or entertainment, these will be used up.. but the client's likely to remember where the item / experience came from.  

    Choosing corporate gifts can be tough, but if you apply a little common sense and try to put some thought into what each client receives, the gifts can say thank you while also reminding customers of your products and services.

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