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Custom Branded, Printed Gift Ribbon, Satin or Woven ribbons

Have your company logo or personal message custom printed on our satin or woven ribbon.

branded satin ribbon

Custom branded or printed ribbons is a great and very cost effective way to promote your brand, or to send a message to the recipient of your gifts. We are able to custom brand or print on satin ribbon, or woven (petersham) ribbon, or trilobal satin ribbon (printed both sides with a digital print.).  Easy delivery can be arrange for Johannesburg and Pretoria, and because this item is so small it is really quite economical to courier it across the country!


The ribbon Colour Range of our Polyester Satin ribbon for branding or printing (we do also sell plain rolls of these satin colours).



polysatin ribbon colour wheel


Our Standard range of coloured Satin ribbon (suitable for branding and printing):

White, Light Grey/Cream Grey, Dark Grey/Silver, Black, French Navy, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Cyan, Turquoise, Forest Green, Bottle Green, Emerald Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange, Post Office Red, Cerise Pink, Baby Pink, Lilac, Purple, Burgundy, Brown, Beige/Light Gold, Champagne and Ivory.


colgate branded ribbonSome print colour combinations really look good on the coloured ribbon!


All our ribbon are especially prepared for printing, and are thinner than your standard sparkle satin ribbon (sparkle satin ribbon also have a woven edge, poly-satin ribbon does not have this) - so the printing and foiling really works well.

braun branded ribbon

However if you have your very own ribbon, and would like us to print on it, we will gladly do it, just keep in mind that the end result cannot be guaranteed like when we print on the ribbon we supply. For intricate designs we need to print on a wide ribbon such as the 30 - 38mm.

On the narrow 10mm ribbon we can print simple one colour designs that still look classy and conveys your personal message.


Here's a great idea for using printed ribbon as part of your gift packaging -

print your menu, invitation or other text onto a wider ribbon (from 55mm up) and use it as a functional decoration on your gift packaging or as part of the decor for your event or function! Minimum qty's for personalized ribbon start at 200 meters.


Minimum order quantities of 200 meters per print applies, and our printed ribbon is very popular for use by medical and corporate companies, as well as brides to decorate their flowers, the wedding car and the wedding favor gifts. Our branded gift ribbon is also very popular with retail shops were it is re-sold per meter with phrases printed on it. 


Printed Satin Ribbons (white ribbon with colours branded)

Specifications for printing on our Polyester / Sparkle Satin Ribbon

rotary printed satin ribbonRotary printing:

This Method of printing on ribbon is the most cost effective way of printing.  We are able to print up to 6 solid spot

colours on a white satin ribbon, and only a single dark colour on the light coloured satin ribbons. Should you require a light print on a coloured satin ribbon, please make use of the screen-printing option. This printing process is suitable for us as labels on clothing and can be washed and ironed without loosing the print quality on the ribbon.

rotary printed gift ribbon



Satin Ribbon widths start at 10mm and ranges up to 150mm.

The maximum artwork repeat for rotary printing is 47.3cm step and repeat.

We are able to heat cut strips of ribbon in different widths to ensure the ribbon does not fray if you need to use it in shorter units such as making ribbon bows.  The rotary printing option can also be used to brand woven petersham ribbon, but ribbon widths of 20mm, 25mm and 30mm is the widest available for printing.  Rotary printing on woven ribbon is reserved to white ribbon only. 

Request a quote for White branded ribbon here


Branded Foiled ribbon

foiled gift ribbon


medal ribbons branded with foilingThe foiling method of branding on gift ribbon can only be used on satin ribbon (white or coloured ribbon).

The maximum artwork length of your art is no more than 120mm with a repeat gap of at least 5cm.

We can foil in two colours on a single ribbon and the foil colours available ranges from metallic black, bronze, gold, pink, red, green, blue and silver.  Foiling can be done on satin ribbon widths from 10mm but no wider than 40mm.

The foiling process is used for decorative ribbon only and should not be used on ribbon that will be washed and used on garments.


gift ribbon branded and foiled


Request a quote for Coloured ribbon branded with the foiling option here




Screen Printed ribbon


screen-printed ribbon

Screen printing can be done on either white or coloured ribbon, and also on our woven ribbon colours. The screen printing process places the ink on top of the ribbon, so it is not suitable for use on labels or hard wearing ribbon used on clothing.  Screen printing can only be done in a single solid spot colour per ribbon, and the artwork repeat is as long as 1 meter, but always allow for 20mm spaces between artwork repeats.

screen printed satin ribbon



Please remember that one cannot iron on screen printed ribbon, neither is it safe for regular use (like tie strings on gift-boxes) - with regular tying of bows or ribbons with the same piece of screen-printed ribbon the screen will start to come off.




Request a quote for Coloured ribbon branded with the Screen-Printing option here


Dye-Sublimation (digital full colour) printed ribbondye sublimation printed ribbon

This printing process is digital printing on ribbon - it is almost like printing photo images onto ribbon. The ribbon we use for this as good as photo quality. This printing option is great for logos and prints with shading and coloured backgrounds.


The maximum repeat on this type of print is 1 meter. Should the background of the print be a solid colour, there will be a join line every 1 meter on the ribbon (where the repeat joins) - this will not happen for white backgrounds. (great printing option for lanyards) We prefer to print on trilobal satin rather than polyester satin - the material is thicker and the print easier.



Contact Us for a quote on Dye sublimated ribbon



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